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Software Rules

Be aware that all use of software on CovfefeCraft are at your own risk, including those listed as permitted. We cannot review every version of every modification and cannot provide any guarantees that modifications are within our server rules.
Any modifications should be downloaded from the official source. Unofficial downloads from other sources may include dangerous software or unadvertised features, which may result in an otherwise approved modification being listed as not-allowed.
The list of banned software below is not conclusive. If an unlisted modification is used with the intent of gaining an unfair advantage over another player, it may result in a punishment being issued.
  • Macros that can be abused.
  • Tweekaroo.
  • AHK Auto Block Placer.
  • WorldDownloader Mod.
  • Any X-Ray mods or texture packs, essentially anything that allows you to see ores through stone.
  • Any form of auto-building.
  • Litematica or any other schematics mods.
The following is a list of approved modifications. If a modifications is not on this list, you may ask a moderator to add it. This section may be added without announcement.