This section covers the very basics of towns. Your journey begins with joining an already existing town or creating your own town.

Viewing a town

The first thing to know is that you can display information about a town or a player. Information includes, but is not limited to, alliances, land claimed, cities, town balance, and all its’ citizens.
Use /town list to see a all the towns on the server. Use /town <town name> to view information.

Starting a Town

Mayors start towns using the command /town create {townname}.
Example: Create a town named BoxxyMC.
Example: Create a town name BoxxyMC.
The name of your town is entirely your choice, however, there are some restrictions:
  • The name must be unique - no other town on the server can have the same name.
  • The name cannot contain offensive or filtered words.
The townblock they are standing in will be the home block for the town. A mayor can move the spawn point within the homeblock using /t set spawn. The homeblock can be moved to another claimed townblock using /t set homeblock.

Joining a Town

If you don’t want to create your own town, you can instead join another town. There are two ways to join a town:
  1. 1.
    Ask a friend to invite you to their town using /t invite <player>. Once invited, you can click the message in chat, or type /town join <town name>
  2. 2.
    Join a public town using /town join <town name> The town has to be public in order for you to join without any invitations.

Inviting your friends

You probably don’t want to play alone - you don’t have to. You can easily invite a player to your town using /t invite <player>.This will send them an invitation in the chat with instructions on how to join your town.
Each player you invite will grant your nation 16 town blocks to claim land with. If your nation would have 4 members, for example, you would have 64 chunks to claim for. A town with only 1 member will only have 1 town block to claim for. We recommend you have a few friends in your town! (Each town block is 16 x 16)

Promoting your members

Is there one of the members you trust more and whom you wish to give more permissions? On BoxxyMC, there are three “town ranks”: Resident, Assistant, and the Mayor.
  • Resident is the default rank you automatically attain when you join a town. It has very limited permissions.
  • Assistant is the second-highest rank in a town. It has most permissions than the leader has, with some exceptions such as unclaiming all town land. Use /t rank add <name> assistant to make someone an assistant.
  • Mayor is the highest rank in a town. It has all the permissions in a town. There can only be one mayor at the same time.

Depositing Money

Your next step in setting up a town is claiming land. Before you can do this, you must first deposit your player balance into the town’s balance. This is because claiming costs your town money. Luckily, it’s very simple: simply type /t deposit <amount>.
📌 TIP: You can type /town deposit ALL to deposit your entire player balance into the town.
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Claiming Land

There are several ways to claim land for your nation and lots of different factors to account for when claiming, and we’ve therefore compiled an entire page for just claiming.
🏝️ Click here to learn more about how to claim.

That’s it!

You’ve now learned the basics of towns. A list of commands can be found at /menu in game. Good luck and have fun!