Voting for CovfefeCraft on third-party websites helps us to grow the CovfefeCraft community!
You are required to be online on a CovfefeCraft Minecraft Server at the time of voting to receive your vote rewards. Voting for the CovfefeCraft on other Minecraft server websites than the ones listed under Vote Links will not grant you rewards.
You can vote on the CovfefeCraft Server by following the vote links, submitting your Minecraft username and pressing the vote button.
Voting can be done once every 24 hours, or once per calendar day, depending on the website.

What are the benefits?

  • Ranking up
  • Rewards
For each website that you vote on you will receive a Vote Point as well as Vote Rewards. You are able to receive up to 5 Vote Rewards per day.

Vote Points

Vote points can be used in the Vote Shop.
You can view your vote points by doing the /votegui command and hovering over the chest item.
Image showcasing the /votegui menu and the total vote count of a player.

Vote Rewards

Vote rewards are items that you recieve after voting, each vote having a chance to have one of the following levels of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary.
See the vote rewards pool in the picture below:
Image with some of the voting rewards.

Vote Shop

The vote shop is used to trade vote coins for things like pets or exchange them for Cosmetic Coins.
Image with the items available in the Vote Shop.

Vote Party

Each time a person votes, it contributes to a counter displayed under the player list. After this counter reaches the limit, every player that contributed a vote to the vote party will be rewarded with 5 diamonds!
Image showcasing the vote party counter.