How to access Spawn

When joining for the first time, you won't be able to access Spawn right away. You will have to unlock the Member rank for Spawn access. However, doing this very easy and only takes a few minutes!

Step 1: Type "/voteall" in chat

Step 3: Type in your username into the respective fields on each voting site and vote for our server.

After voting on all sites, you should have 5 votes in total.
For Bedrock Players: Make sure to add - in front of your username when voting if you are a bedrock player! Example: -himynameisboxxy

Step 4: Type "/rankup" in chat and confirm the rankup.

You should now be Member! Have fun exploring Spawn!

After you become a member, you should now be able to access chests at spawn.
There is a set of Starter Items chests located at X:135 Y:93 Z:58 nearby the world spawn, they are free and you can grab whatever you need from them to start your adventure!
Disclaimer: This is the only location where you can grab items for free. Looking for a place where to start building? Check out the live world map and travel safely through the nether portals underneath spawn!
Image showcasing the starter items chests.