About Covfefe

More information about Covfefe.

About us

This is a diamond based economy vanilla server. New things happen on the server every minute. Trading, dragon fights, new redstone inventions, competitions, events, making friends, and many more!

Our community

  • LGBTQ friendly
  • Accept all kinds of players. Zero discrimination tolerance.
  • Helpful community with a balanced economy (Diamond based trading)
  • Well organized Shopping District
  • A very active community
  • Fast ticket support from staff
  • All staff play in survival & get treated as players
  • Most current Paper optimization
  • Community Projects

Our Server

  • Grief recovery. (Coreprotect)
  • Active Xray Protection
  • Active Discord server
  • Shopping District
  • All hand built by players
  • 100% Survival
  • Version: 1.19
  • No /tpa, /spawn, /home, etc...